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Organic Compost & Quality Landscaping Products for Buffalo, NY including Erie and Niagara County.

When you are thinking of designing a beautiful landscape for your home with a lush garden or surrounding your above ground pool with decorative stone, turn to Leo Brenon Top Soil. Don’t settle for buying bags upon bags of stone or mulch from a big box store. 

We can help you save money and time on your landscaping project by offering quality products and prompt delivery services. We have an abundance of different top soils and other products for residential and commercial customers, landscapers, and nurseries in Erie and Niagara Counties. 

Since our establishment in 1956, we’ve grown to be the leading source of quality top soil, garden mix, organic compost and so much more. When your green thumb kicks in at the start of spring, make sure you choose Leo Brenon Top Soil to supply everything you need for your outdoor projects.  
Premium Top Soil Buffalo, NY

From Premium Top Soil to Bulk Mulch

Premium Top Soil
When you need premium top soil, there’s only one place to get it from: Leo Brenon Top Soil. Our virgin soil is shredded and screened to make your job easier. Our Topsoil comes from farmland and fertile wooded areas. 

Garden Mix
This incredible blend of organic compost, peat moss, fertilizer, and our rich and premium top soil will surely help your garden grow healthy and lush. 

Compost/Topsoil Mix (50/50 Mix)
Our organic 50/50 mix consist of Compost and Topsoil. The Compost is made with broken down leaves and grass from over the years. If needed, we also have horse manure you can order separately or you can combine it with Topsoil for a 50/50 mix of Manure/Topsoil mix. 

Bulk Mulch
At Leo Brenon Top Soil, we carry hardwood mulch. We have Natural Brown Mulch, Dyed Black, Red and Chocolate Brown Mulch. 

Whether you need to buy sand for your outdoor job or decorative stone to add a unique touch to your landscape, call Leo Brenon Top Soil today at 716-695-1000!

Buy Sand & Stone

Crushed Stone
Our Crushed stone consists of either a plain stone that stays loose or as a crusher run that has powder that packs down. This stone is used for driveways or stone parking lots. We also carry Screenings which is the finest stone product. It is able to be compacted and is commonly used as a base underneath Unilock pavers. 

#2 Decorative Stone
We have 3 sizes of decorative stone which are all round and multi-colored. A pea stone, which is a dime size stone,  is easy to walk on. Our second decorative stone is the size of a quarter. This stone is good for dog runs and gardens. Lastly, we have our River Rock which is a mixture of sizes up to 5". Good for Garden beds!


We are able to grind our stone down into a fine, powdery sand. This coarse, grainy substance is great for drainage. If you're not sure where to buy sand in the Buffalo, NY area, Leo Brenon Top Soil is the place to go.
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Delivery Services

Our professionals are known for being on time for every delivery we make. We can drop off your products at the location of your choice, whether it’s your nursery, home, or commercial property. 

How It Works
  • Top soil is delivered by the yard from 1-12 yards.
  • Sand and stone are delivered by the ton from 1-12 tons. 
  • Half-yards and tandem loads are also available for delivery.
  • We deliver 1 to 1,000 tons and 1 to 1,000 yards.
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